Darren has experienced most of what TV and radio sports broadcastng can offer throughout his nearly 20 years in the industry. He's recently been featured in a variety of publications and currently calls 70-80 televised events per year. 

Darren has been on both sides of the hiring spectrum. As both an employer and applicant, he understands first hand the daily frustrations of pursuing a career in the most envyable of all professions, and the challenges associated with standing out amongst a large group of qualified peers. 

Over time, his conversations with Talent Directors, producers, other employers and agents have led to a firm grasp of how to make a strong and memorable demo.

Darren Goldwater and Ryan Nelson have more than 40 years of combined media experience. Admittedly they're part of the lucky group who can both live and work together. Give them a call, you'll likely hear their daughter, Grayson, singing some Disney song in the background.

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Ryan has excelled across multiple broadcast, media, public relations and consulting platforms. She is currently the owner and point contact for Nelwater Sports' parent company, Nelwater Consulting, assisting clients' daily needs in broadcast, marketing and advertising.

An expert media coach and stylist, Ryan is available upon request for image consultation.