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What our clients say

The Nelwater team

A professional and memorable reel may be what's standing between you and your dream job.

Nelwater Sports can change that.

"Nelwater Sports is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a turnkey solution for reel creation at an affordable price and with a prompt turnaround. Darren and his team create dynamic reels that separate you from the competition in the competitive TV job market."

- Jon Schaeffer, Triple-A Broadcaster

What We Do

Darren and Ryan have more than 40 years of combined media experience. Admittedly they're part of the lucky group who can both live and work together. Give them a call, you'll likely hear their daughter, Grayson, singing some Disney song in the background.

you have one shot at making a lasting first impression

With Nelwater Sports, we'll help you control the one aspect of your career that's actually under your you present yourself to employers, Talent Directors and producers.

Demo and highlight Reel production